Monday 16 January 2017

#180 Macy by Dan Stone

The beat of a high quality trance track 
is far more substantial than a rock beat
It's a thud
A persistent, low-frequency assault
Like the sound of bombs penetrating concrete roads
at velocities that cause the surrounding streets 
to be ripped apart as the shells makes their way
further and further into the earth below

Coupled with this is a derivative of the snare
but it isn't let loose too much
it's tightly wrapped so as to minimise any reverberation
A hiss might escape from the middle of every bar
but this is not a grand affair
Like a trip to the kitchen at night
it quietly tiptoes into the gap between the bass beats

You can tell how popular - and I maintain this -
a track is going to be, to some extent at least
by how crisply and lightly the higher pitched arpeggiator
frolics in contrast to the depth of the drum
while eerie strings cause a plunge
in the listener's perceived body temperature

During those first few seconds
The shock. The realisation 
of how beautifully the tune might come together
once the melody has been hugged enough 
to feel ready to brave the outside world
is like looking down 
from the highest level of the CN tower on a clear bright day
without having been forewarned
that the floor is made of glass


Profound Familiarity said...

Thanks Self raising. How's things with you?

Profound Familiarity said...

I just saw how busy you've been this year. It's pretty impressive that you've managed to write so much in the space of just 26 days.

Anonymous said...

Im Ok , mate, looks like I have lost my password, have to find it. Have you been over to my blog yet?

Anonymous said...

Ok, I see your post above that you have. Lol, i think my friends are probably relieved I'm writing the blog instead of my previously too long emails, lollol.
How's the book coming?