Tuesday 28 June 2016

#157 Interviewing sugar

I've sometimes compared using dating apps to being a kid in a sweet shop. This week it was probably more true than usual. Ada was an ex-adult movie star in her forties. She had some kids and some hobbies but her profile read that she was still involved in the industry. To demonstrate this, she'd put up several photos of herself wearing nothing but confectionary.

I explained off the bat that I wasn't really on the lookout for anything serious but couldn't help but admire what was one of Tinder's more original profiles. She thanked me for being honest and polite and seemed happy to chat for a while.

"You're a Muslim lady" I said, "how do you balance religion with your professional life?" She explained that it was difficult but that she was able to pray at work. I told her I'd been handed a free English copy of the Quran on Oxford Street earlier that day. "Will you read it?" She asked. "I'll take a look" I told her, "it can't be any more boring than parts of the Old Testament".

I asked how she was finding the whole online dating thing. "It's ok" she said "there are a lot of creeps obviously but I'm used to that so I don't mind it". "That's probably a major advantage" I told her. "I know girl friends who try it but give up because they can't stomach all that stuff, which is a shame as there are nice guys on there somewhere". "I don't mean me" I quickly added "I alternate between nice and creepy". She told me that her female friends were the same and that the ones with thick skin found it easier.

I was curious about whether the food in her pics had gone to waste or if anyone had eaten it but thought asking might've been distasteful. I hadn't come into cause a stir or to buy anything. I was just looking around.

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