Monday 30 May 2016

#153 Something More Tubular

Bakerloo I like you lots
Your old sofas hug our botts
Circle you are far too slow
You're not even round, you know
Jubilee where is your soul?
You're too tidy for a hole
Northern you're our trusted friend
That's unless it's a weekend
Vicky you might be quite nice
If you weren't so full of mice
District you are long aren't you?
That's what she said and it's true
Piccadilly, watch me go
From Cockfosters to Heathrow
Metropolitan you're mauve
Just for that, you're worth a rove
Hammersmith and city don't
think I'll ride you, cause I won't
Central Central I just wish
that we didn't have to squish
DLR you're such a geek
Plus you always howl and creak
Waterloo and city's last
you are small but you are fast.

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