Saturday 15 August 2015

#115 Butter

I've been eating so much butter lately, I love it. I blame Liz. Switched from Flora to Lurpak almost overnight, you know what? I'm not going back. What does it taste good on? That's right, everything. Even value diet cola would taste good with butter on it. That stuff's not butter though. No. Potassium Sorbate. How is that butter? There's a lovely butter that has no preservatives in it though. That's right. Kerrygold. Also, their cows graze freely outside in the sunshine and roam around having fun before they get made to make their butter. I think Kerrygold might just be the most gorgeous and lovely product I've ever had the pleasure of throwing into my shopping trolley. Why not pick up a pack today?

So. The blog. The blog the blog the blog. You know I did a word count earlier today. A word estimate. About a hundred posts. About two hundred words a post. So that's... 3,764 words I've written in total. Not bad for two years' work. I was always better at English than I was a maths. I was a little bit disappointed at the twenty thousand though, not massively but you know, wouldn't it be nice if it was forty thousand? Then all I'd have to do would be to write another hundred and I've got a novel-length set of posts. It's not anything interesting that anyone would ever want to read mind you but then neither was the book of Chronicles and that made it into the Bible.

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