Saturday 6 June 2015

#108 Waterloo

Joining several other thirty something men of East Dulwich who didn't get laid last night and wanted to feel satisfied and cool, I pulled on my sweat pants, wandered down the road and queued up for a breakfast burrito.

It's lucky I could find my way down the road. This week I was supposed to be meeting someone at the main entrance to Waterloo station and got lost. I think I was at what I thought but had temporarily forgotten was Waterloo East.

I can't see how ruining a bacon sandwich by using the wrong bread and putting hot sauce on it constitutes a business model but I'll probably go there again.

If you can think of a two syllable way of saying sweat pants without using American English and I like it, good for you. Good for me too.

I just downloaded Happn about two weeks ago. When it comes to dating apps, I'm always quite late to jump on the bandwagon. It seems like a decent enough rival to Tinder. The app'll let you know all the people that have it that walk within a certain radius of you. It hopefully means that, you know the cute person on the train once, who smiled back at you but you never talked to? Well maybe now you can message them.

The saddest news this week is that Liz is leaving the house. Being whisked away by some dapper young gent called Tom. Anyway it's all quiet unacceptable. I'm thinking of writing a short book to help me cope called Who's Not Stealing My Cheese Anymore?

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Running on empty said...

In Australia we call them trakky daks (tracksuit pants). Though that's three syllables, it does kinda rhyme.