Sunday 1 March 2015

#100 Cool for cats

Ah the domestic cat. Not the highest of achievers, unless you count being cute as an achievement. I do. At times curious. At times cowardly. She can move when she wants to. Sleep when she wants to too. No sooner out than she wants to come home again. She is very fury. She has nice eyes. If she's loyal to you, it's probably because she wants something. Food. Cuddles. Your company. She can be a friend but likes to do her own thing at times.

The cat will not always listen to, or understand all of your points. In some ways, she is from a simpler time. Dogs are not her friend. Please don't startle her. She enjoys a good meal. She can eat when she wants to. She likes to keep things simple. To her, life is not about working all of the hours God sends. She is far too lazy for that. On sunny days, she likes to lie in the sun. The domestic cat is my blog subject this week.