Sunday 15 February 2015

#98 Slow news day

By all accounts, this year's general election could go either way. The staff over at HM Treasury are not supposed to vary their internal budgeting pre-election based on who they think will win although I know a guy who will tell you that they usually have to do this to some extent and even he's not leaning to one side.

If I were to ask what could sway it, I'm sure I'd be pelted with enough issues so I won't ask. Instead, I'll suggest that there are going to be roughly equal voters on both sides of the fence when it comes to the economy, which is plodding along cautiously but not teetering. Ok there are what I'd call medium sized differences in policy on NHS, immigration, unemployment but nothing too unpredictable that's going to get people changing their chant. Trident remains an interesting debate around the pub table but most people know where they stand on it.

I don't know jack about politics so I scooted over to the BBC website to see what they thought. Interestingly to me, the environment didn't make it into their 'key issues' list. This perhaps says more about short-termism in politics than it does about climate change awareness, which will only keep increasing over the coming years.

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Running on empty said...

Agree on the last bit. The rest is a mystery to me.