Saturday 9 August 2014

#79 The Inbetweeners 2

I was pretty excited about watching the latest Inbetweeners movie. I hadn't been to the cinema since the last Harry Potter film was released three years ago but the promise of well-established characters being transferred into yet another predictable environment lured me back. If some typical English boys' transitions to maturity being drawn out well into their twenties in a light-hearted way didn't put London's keisters on its seats then I didn't know what would.

Sitting through the trailers, I at once realised what I'd been missing. Bill Murray, at 63 was playing some layabout loser, who liked to knock back the liquor. There was a film with that Irish guy from the IT crowd in it. Oh and another film about a big maze. I did in fact want to watch more of all of them but I wasn't sure how long the novelty of each would last.

That was definitely the problem of cinema for me. My life may have appeared intolerably dull to an outsider but inside my own mind, I was constantly surfing a never-ending wave of circular thoughts, fuelled largely by work, sleep, fast food, my own mortality and shortcomings and near-constant internet access. Whenever a two hour film came along, I automatically became bored half-way through and wanted to play with my phone. Except that I couldn't because I was in a sodding cinema. In the middle of a row.

I laughed quite a lot up until that point and overall I thought it was a fine movie. It was absurdly unrealistic right from the start. This was a good example of a film not being quite true to the original series that preceeded it, which was pretty much a horrifyingly realistic portrayal of sixth-form life, at least at the school that I went to. A relatively entertaining effort to milk the show nonetheless.

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Running on empty said...

The film might just have been boring at that point, too. They can't be, to hold the interest of Internet generations nowadays.