Sunday 16 February 2014

#59 "Neeeeeeext".

The first interviewee was an independent film maker, looking to move south of the river. We'd already started on the brownies that I'd made the night before. Our little interview panel was ready to grill the potential next housemates. Most of the questions we asked were fairly standard and we did our best to try and have a laugh with the visitors while the friendliest cat in the world jumped up onto each one of their laps and tried to lick them. I think she would have let them all live here.

The London rental market is full of well-travelled souls. A couple of the people we saw had recently flown in from Oceania and others were from parts of the UK but had done a good amount of overseas exploration. One guy had only been in the city for four days. A girl had just finished a year of travelling but couldn't bear the thought of going back home, settling down and getting married just yet. We didn't tell her that some of us would be quite happy with that scenario.

I guess none of the people we met were that interesting really. One of the girls took half an hour to eat her way through a brownie, which must be some kind of world record. One of the guys was talking about the fact that his nan had a vicious cat and that he couldn't understand why someone would keep a cat like that. I wasn't keen on that reasoning. You don't just get rid of an animal because you don't like its personality.

As usual, we were in complete agreement with the person that we like the most and sent her a text quickly a few hours ago. She hasn't replied yet.

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