Saturday 2 February 2013

#4 Someone's leaving presentation

At some sorry fella's leaving presentation yesterday
His boss gathered us around and said she had some words to say
With a tiny little leaving gift to send him on his way
Now the audience is clapping like they've seen some kind of play

Well the last time that I watched an actor practising his trade
All the dialogue was fluid and the props were all well-made
What a contrast to the presentation shamble just displayed
Every time we have to go though this ridiculous charade

How do you suppose I tell someone professionally higher
That the poem that she wrote this chap was absolutely dire
It was factually correct and I'm not calling her a liar
But I'd rather hear a strangled cat if I were to retire

Now I wouldn't say that poetry is important. It's not
It's advisable in life to use the talents that you've got
But the meaning and the sentiment will likely be forgot
When the quality of what you write amounts to not a lot

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